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In the BMW Group, the focus of sustainability is particularly directed toward the social aspects with the emphasis on labour standards and human rights. This is where we are concerned with the consequences of our economic dealings on individuals and social groups along our entire value-added chain. However, this also includes an inward view: the BMW Group is aware of its responsibility as an employer and includes this aspect in its efforts directed towards sustainability.

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Internationally recognised guidelines for environmental and social criteria are the benchmark for the entire value-added chain in the BMW Group.

This particularly affects:

  • The Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • The United Nations Guiding principles on Business and Human Rights
  • The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact
  • The contents of the ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development
  • The Cleaner Production Declaration of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

These rules have been converted to in-company codes and principles with the participation of our employee representatives and thus guide our actions accordingly.


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The automobile industry is closely integrated into global supply chains. The BMW Group sustainability standard for the supplier network demands that human rights be observed in every single link of these chains. In order to exercise our ecological and social responsibility, we pursue a multi-stage due diligence process in purchasing and the supplier network. Contracts for dealers and importers for the BMW Group also demand a commitment to observe compliance and human rights.


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Employee conditions.


Employees have different requirements in the organisation of their labour. For this reason, the BMW Group offers individual creative freedom through instruments such as:

  • flexible working hours
  • mobile work
  • additional days of leave in return for a corresponding reduction in remuneration
  • sabbaticals
  • permanent and non-permanent part-time solutions

In 2021, these measures contributed to the BMW Group being able to maintain its top position as the most popular automobile producer in the ranking of the World’s Most Attractive Employers by the education provider Universum. (World’s Most Attractive Employers valid as of 2021)

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The BMW Group views diversity as a strength. A diverse workforce introduces a variety of viewpoints, experience and skills into the daily work – thus reinforcing innovative strength and competitiveness. This is why we use training courses, talks and dialogue formats to create awareness among employees and management staff for the positive contribution that diversity is able to make within the company. Furthermore, the BMW Group promotes diversity and equality of opportunity in personnel development. Key principles such as protection against discrimination, equal treatment for all employees and respect in everyday business are firmly anchored in guidelines, which include examples such as the BMW Group Code of Conduct or the BMW Group Code on Human Rights and Working Conditions.

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Intercultural communication.


As a company with a multinational workforce and locations on six continents, we are part of society. For this reason our ecological, economic and social responsibility also extends beyond our core business – we are committed to better living conditions and educational opportunities as well as intercultural communication. People from more than 110 nations work together successfully within the BMW Group itself. A broad spectrum of personal development, qualification and training offers as well as dialogue formats are aimed at promoting intercultural communication. Moreover, since 2011, together with the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations (UNAOC) we have been regularly presenting the Intercultural Innovation Award for projects seeking constructive solutions for international tension and conflicts.

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Employee commitment.


Numerous employees of the BMW Group throughout the world are involved in social and ecological causes. The BMW Group actively promotes a low-threshold way of entering this social involvement, such as through a Social Week, with series of lectures and trial events, or the Social Marketplace, a digital platform on which employees can obtain and exchange information on charitable projects. In addition, many employees are involved in internal networks. Included among these are women’s networks at numerous locations or the BMW Group PRIDE, an initiative committed on a cross-border basis to the interests of the LGBTQ+* community. For ten years, particularly deserving engagements have been honoured with the BMW Group Award for Social Commitment. Every award carries a sum of €10,000 and benefits the respective aid project directly.

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