BMW Takata Airbag Recall Campaign


Please enter your last 7-character Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to determine the status of your BMW.



BMW is committed in ensuring unconditional driving experiences and your driving pleasure is our top priority. If you own a BMW 3 Series (E46) from the year 1999 until the year 2006, please contact your preferred BMW Authorised Dealer to book an appointment as soon as possible.


As part of an ongoing quality control at BMW, it has been established that the airbags installed in our vehicles supplied by Takata Corporation may cause improper deployment or due to the gas generator rupture on the front-side of the front passenger airbag. Subsequently, costs of quality measures in this campaign will be borne by BMW.


  • About the technical campaign

    BMW is following a recommended precautionary exercise from authorities worldwide to replace passenger front airbags supplied by Takata Corporation in selected models. We are not aware of any cases involving our BMW vehicles due to this issue.

  • Is my BMW affected?

    You can check the status of your BMW by entering your Vehicle Identification Number in the input box above.

  • Where can I find my BMW Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?

    You can find your BMW Vehicle Identification Number on your JPJ registration card.

  • Is it safe to drive my BMW?

    We encourage our customers whose BMW vehicle is affected in this technical campaign to visit the nearest BMW Authorised Dealer as soon as possible for maximum driving pleasure.

  • Where do I go to get my BMW vehicle checked?

    Kindly contact your preferred BMW Authorised Dealer to book an appointment before sending your BMW vehicle in for the BMW Takata Airbag Technical Campaign.

  • How long will it take to replace my BMW airbag?

    This BMW Takata Airbag Technical Campaign will take approximately 1 day to complete.* Please contact your preferred BMW Authorised Dealer to book an appointment in advance for a pleasant experience.


*Completion time for this technical campaign may vary depending on the availability of BMW parts and the status of your BMW.