BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems in the BMW X5.

The best co-pilots you could wish for. The Driver Assistance systems in the BMW X5 have one primary aim − to make sure you enjoy a relaxing drive and a safe arrival.

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The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information directly into your line of sight, allowing you to fully concentrate on driving.


It displays information from the navigation system and notifications from the Check Control messages.


The icons projected onto your windscreen are displayed in a particularly high resolution and full colour, with traffic symbols reproduced realistically. The information is displayed on the windscreen to ensure effective ergonomics and can be individually adapted. The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display is not fully visible if you are wearing polarised sunglasses.


The illumination intensity is automatically modified to suit the external light conditions and the system also features night-time and day-time modes. The brightness setting can be configured via the iDrive menu. You can also select which additional information you wish to have displayed in addition to your current speed and the warnings from the driver assistance systems.


Reach your destination more quickly and more easily – with the latest-generation Navigation system Professional, which gives you a head start, shows you the way and helps you to drive more efficiently.


The new Navigation system Professional has a large, high-resolution display that guarantees better legibility and more clarity. The Quick Start function gets the system up and running within ten seconds and operation is facilitated by data entry with no time lag. The 3D map navigation with improved directions and a larger memory for multimedia files further improves user comfort.


The Navigation system Professional is also efficient when it comes to fuel economy: On the basis of the navigation data, the ECO PRO Mode calculates when you should ease off the accelerator pedal in order to reach an optimum, fuel-saving speed.



The iDrive Touch Controller gives you convenient control of the iDrive system with one hand. Thanks to the touchpad integrated in the Controller, you can easily enter such information as destinations for the navigation system using your own handwriting.

You can also use it to access a wide range of functions and settings as well as for scrolling through lists. Operation is effortless and intuitive by means of touch - a great help for you as the driver since it barely distracts your concentration on the road. All functions operated using the Controller can be conveniently viewed in the Control Display.



The equipment Driving Assistant comprises of Collision Warning and Lane departure warning. In this way, your BMW supports you in critical and monotonous driving situations on the motorway.

Collision Warning reacts in stages. Depending on whether the vehicle in front brakes suddenly or the system detects a stationary object in the road, the reactions vary from a visual signal via active braking through to the vehicle coming to a standstill. If the vehicle is in danger of straying from the lane, the Lane Departure Warning warns you in time by a vibration in the steering wheel.


Enjoy the view: In the BMW X5, the integrated camera systems offer better visibility, for example at junctions and in difficult traffic situations.

  • Surround View

    Surround View provides support when parking and manoeuvring in tight situations. To this end, the area to the side of the car and behind it are shown in the Control Display from a bird's-eye perspective (360° Top View).

  • Side View

    Side View is also included, providing support in areas where there is poor visibility (e.g. exits, blind junctions). Two digital cameras to the front left and right of the automobile capture the situation at the side and relay it to the Control Display. This enables early detection of cross-traffic, resulting in the appropriate reaction.

  • Rear View

    With the rear view camera you have the area behind the car in view on the Control Display while manoeuvring and parking. The Rear View camera enhances visibility when reversing at speeds below 20 km/h, for example when parking. Interactive track lines indicate to you whether the chosen parking space is big enough for the car and support you during parking by showing areas marked in colour on the Control Display. In conjunction with the tow hitch, the reverse view camera has a practical zoom function which makes the approach easier when hooking up a trailer.

    It is possible to choose between the three options Rear View Camera, Surround View and Side View and to activate one of them. The selected view then appears in the Control Display.


The anti-dazzle high-beam assistant makes night-time driving even more pleasant and safe for you. It provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers.


The system detects other road-users and selectively excludes them from the high-beam headlight distribution. Beam ranges of 400 m ensure early detection of risks and improved directional tracking.