Safety & Comfort in the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

Convenient assistance systems, extensive safety functions: your BMW protects and assists you wherever possible.


You’re standing behind your BMW 3 Series Touring with your hands full of shopping and want to load the boot. So now you need to search your pockets to find the car key. Or do you? No, not any more. With innovative Comfort Access as an option, you can open the tailgate without making contact.One brief movement of your foot below the rear bumper is all it takes for a sensor to activate the opening of the tailgate, which then unlocks and springs open or, depending on the vehicle, opens automatically with the aid of automatic tailgate operation. Sensors are installed at different heights in the rear bumper panel to recognise persons and to detect the movement of their foot.This innovative equipment from BMW ConnectedDrive provides increased convenience when operating and loading the rear of the vehicle. However, the system does not grant access authorization unless it also identifies the car key that the person is carrying.



A package of intelligent safety measures in the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo help to minimise the risk of accidents – and to give you the reassuring feeling that you’re well protected at all times.Extremely resistant, large-volume cross-members and the intelligent use of high-strength and ultra high-strength multiphase steels provide maximum protection for the safety bodyshell while maintaining a low weight. The impact energy is diverted to other areas of the bodyshell around the passenger cell, such as the underbody, side frame, bulkhead and roof, and absorbed by deformation zones at the front and rear. In the event of a side collision, protection comes from reinforced structures in the B-pillar and sills, high-strength side-impact stabilisers in the doors as well as robust cross-members in the seat areas.