BMW 5 Series Sedan : Head-Up Display

Head-Up Display.

One second and 28 metres. This is how long it takes to take your eyes off the road and read 100 km/h on the speedometer. Head-Up Display projects your current speed into your direct field of vision on the windscreen. And the BMW ConnectedDrive technology can do even more.

High Guiding and Lane Guiding are the names of the functions that make navigating in cities and on unclear road layouts simple. The display is projected onto the windscreen in the driver's direct field of vision.

If required, the Speed Limit Display can display the current speed limit along with the status of active speed restrictions in the area. Warning notices from the assistant systems are also always displayed such as Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning, pedestrian recognition from BMW Night Vision as well as the possibility of running into the back of the vehicle in front.
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You can find all available configurations on your national BMW website.

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